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Contact Wear

Contact Wear
Daily Disposable
• Wear for a day, and then throw away

Focus Dailies®
• You'll never have to clean your contacts again
• Use a new, fresh pair of contacts every day
• Great option for teens and those who wear contacts occasionally

• Clear and comfortable near and far
• SofLens & Proclear Multifocals
• Designed specifically for anyone with Presbyopia
• You can see well from any distance without frames or lined bifocals
• Easy-to-handle lenses that allow your eyes to breathe, hour after hour

Enhanced Comfort
• Comfort, like never before
• Feels like you're not wearing contact lenses at all
• Bring an end to your tired and dry eyes
• Wear the lenses up to 24 hours a day for up to six continuous nights

• Change your eye color, change your look.

• ColorBlends: 3-in-1 technology blends colors creating a beautiful new look
• Radiance: illuminate your eyes without changing your natural eye color
• Dimensions: depth and dimension while defining your eyes with translucent hues
• One-day: get the advantage of Focus Dailies with color

• Wake up and see the difference.

Focus Night & Day®
• Sleep in your lenses and wake up with clear, perfect vision
• You'll have the freedom to wear your lenses up to 30 days continuously
• Perfect for anyone with busy, fast-paced schedules

• Clear, steady vision all day long.

Acuvue Advanced® for Astigmatism & Purevision® Toric
• Great for anyone with an astigmatism
• You'll be able to see clearly and consistently all day
• Improved materials promote all-day comfort